Key Person

Your point of contact at the Nursery who will specialise in the individual needs of your child

When your child starts nursery they are assigned a key person, whose role is to help ensure that your child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs to help them become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for your child, build a relationship with you, their parents/carers, and help families engage with more specialist support, if appropriate.

We believe it is important for your child to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. The key person will get to know you and your child well and build a strong and interactive relationship with you both.

During the first visit or session, the key person will spend time with you and your child explaining our routines and activities. They will also guide you through the completion of your child's “All about me” booklet, discuss any queries you may have and make arrangements for any further settling in visits.

Your child’s key person spends quality time with their key children as individuals and in their group, meeting the needs of each child in their care and responding sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour as well as talking to you to make sure that your child is being cared for appropriately.

The key person will provide learning and development opportunities that are planned around the needs and interests of your child, within a challenging and supportive environment. The key person will also share ideas with you as to how you can engage in similar activities at home to encourage your child’s development, building a bridge between home and the Nursery.