Tots ‘R’ Us Nursery recognises that transition can be stressful for children and adults and can have an extensive impact on a child's emotional well-being.

We will take the following steps to aid a smooth transition:

Home to Nursery

  • We encourage frequent visits with parents and carers to the Nursery prior to starting. This provides opportunities to see the Nursery running smoothly, to participate in some activities and to observe how the child is settling in.
  • We operate a key person approach, where each child is observed by one person who should meet that child’s needs and be the first port of call for the parent/carer.
  • We allow flexible start times and finish times, with parents/carers able to stay where appropriate.
  • We regularly review each child’s settling with parents/carers and key person.
  • Prior to a child starting Nursery, we meet with the parents/carers to share information about how the Nursery operates (fees, hours etc.).
  • We offer a home visit service (see Home Visits below) and provide a booklet showing pictures of the Nursery and its staff.
  • The Nursery collects the following information about the child prior to them starting: Important adults in the child’s life and any siblings, a list of your child’s interests, any dietary needs and allergies, any special needs or disability, methods to soothe/comfort your child, methods of motivation/schemas (patterns of play). The parent/carer and child complete a ‘Getting to know me’ booklet provided by the Nursery.

During the first few sessions when the child joins Nursery

  • Allow parents/carers and child the time they need to separate.
  • Collect current contact information in order for parents/carers to return to collect distressed children.
  • Encourage parents/carers to stay close to the Nursery and return if their child is distressed.
  • Create an informal, relaxed start to the session, coming into an active environment with continuous provision (as opposed to carpet based or registration routines).
  • Offer flexible admission and settling procedures to address the individual needs of children and families.
  • We encourage links with other settings as children can attend more than one setting.

Nursery to Nursery/School

  • Let the children share their individual files/photos with nursery staff.
  • Liaise with and arrange for visits from/to nursery/school.
  • Supply information/photographs of prospective nursery/school.
  • Prepare a learning journal for children who are leaving, add photos, captions, observation notes and examples of work. Send home as a souvenir of their time in the Nursery.
  • Prepare any assessments/profiles as required by Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage to be shared with the prospective nursery/school

Home Visits

A home visit provides an opportunity for the key person to meet the child and family in their own home prior to the child starting the Nursery.   The purpose of the visit is to help the child, family and key person get to know more about each other in the home environment where the child usually feels most relaxed. The home visit is an optional service that the Nursery provides, should any parents/carers wish to take up the offer. We inform the parents/carers of the home visits in the parent/carers welcome pack. 


Transition Policy