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Read what our families have to say about Tots 'R' Us.

I have just read Blake’s report and it’s amazing it made me cry, and I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done, learned and supported him with he has come on so much since coming to your nursery.

I had to send a message saying how lovely both Mac and penny’s reports were a hard read both me and dale both shed a tear because of how proud we are of the kids but also how grateful we are tots has been a part of their lives and give them the best start in their school life . I honestly can’t thank liv, Melanie and the rest of the tots team enough for everything you have done for us x

Really happy and so proud of Phoebe's progress in nursery. Through the pandemic nursery has been such a great opportunity for routine, growth and development. She wouldn't of made as much progress without it. Her report was so personal and positive. Thank you

Wow wow wow Is all I can say from the amazing report for Elias it literally left me in tears. I'm so so proud of all he is achieving and how much he is supported and nurtured to do this by you Debbie and the rest of the staff. I could not have wished for a better nursery for him it's clear you are passionate about your job and that reflects in Elias. He absolutely adores you he said to the hairdresser last night ohh you wear glasses like my Debbie does. I've made the best decision to keep him at tots until he starts school keep up the amazing work you are doing with my little Einstein

Thank you for Olivia's report, I am very happy with her progress in nursery , she is always asking if 2 words are rhyming words and saying is "b for bed" (as an example) she loves telling me all about her friends and what everyone has been doing that day.

And just a little follow up on Layla’s report, it was lovely to read and I’m so pleased she’s doing well. She loves coming to nursery and tells me all about what she’s learning and getting up to x

Hi. I just wanted to reply to Francesca’s progress report. I am absolutely elated at how well she is doing. I think without a shadow of a doubt it’s the best thing that’s happened moving Francesca back to the caterpillars. She has come on leaps and bounds. Her confidence is coming through and I agree she is becoming a lot more confident physically running and things. So I just want to thank you all so much!

Just thought I would send you a little video of jaxx last night he didn't want to sleep just sing songs....he really has come on leaps and bounds since attending tots....thank you so much

I honestly would not of known where to start on thanking you all, you have been amazing and a massive part in more than half of Zaks life and we're grateful for that (devastated his time has come to leave). Each and every one will hold a place in that little boys heart x

Thank you so much for Layla’s report. I’m so pleased of the lovely caring little girl she’s turned out to be and how much she has grown over the past 2 years with you. I’m so sad to see her leave but she is so ready for her next adventure. Thank you for everything.

Just wanna say thanks so much for everything you have done with Reeva. She has turned in to an amazing little girl and it’s all thanks to nursery helping bring her on.  I was over the moon reading Toni’s report. I nearly cried. Thanks again.

I just wanted to say how over the moon I am with Francesca’s progress report. I can see the change in her, her confidence and her physical tasks. And that’s all down to you all at Tots. I can’t thank you all enough, especially Melanie and Liv. I can’t wish for a better nursery than this for Francesca.

Thank you so much for Travis’s report am so pleased I kept Travis in tots an extra year Travis has really grew to love Angela and has such a lovely bond between them. Travis has come so far with all your help and support from all at tots nursery I love listening to him singing all his songs after each session at nursery and Travis shows me what play him and Angela have done he now helps me read his story’s r helps with the actions. Travis will most definitely will miss you all and most of all Angela thank you so much.

Thank you for giving Grace and Olivia the best 2 years at Nursery. Thank you for helping them grow into confident bright well-mannered little girls. We will truly miss everyone.

Today I dropped Lila off for my very last ever tots r us nursery run, all 3 of my babies have attended tots and they have been like part of the family. The staff go above and beyond they really are fabulous. I’ve got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I write this ???? I wish you all the very best for the future keep up the fantastic work and thank you all once again. Love from all the Curtis family

I cant believe its Olivia's last day already! The tots team have been like family to Olivia over the last 2 and a half years, she loves you all so much! Thank you for the time you have spent with olivia shaping her into the amazing little girl she is today! Olivia is insisting i send you all a heart so here is one for each of you. Liv, you were Olivia's first key worker, and she adored you, you were all she ever spoke about at home, you were her first best friend! Melanie, you were only Olivia's key worker for a short time but she warmed to you so quickly when you became part of the tots team and quickly became one of her new friends! Toni, you have always been Olivia's favourite, she always talks about you and wants to make special  things for you! Debbie, well.... What can i say, we both love you so much, you are an amazing teacher and an amazing nan! Michelle, you truly are 1 in a million, you go above and beyond for the children and their families, the tots team are so lucky to have such an amazing leader! The rest of the team are equally amazing and have had such a key part in Olivia's time at tots! Olivia is going to miss you all so much!

We’re totally gutted that we’re stuck in isolation so Evan is going to miss the last day of nursery but we just wanna say the biggest thank you to evans amazing teachers! Since starting nursery he’s came along in leaps and bounds with his learning, he absolutely loves going to nursery and learning new things all the time. So thank you for giving him the best first year of nursery ever! We can’t wait to be back in September! Happy summer everyone

I can’t thank you all enough for what you do am so glad travis has spent the past 2 years here at tots nursery we are so sad to be saying goodbye the support you have all giving him as well as his one to one is above and beyond and the family’s ur all truly amazing.

What a difference a year makes! Just want to say a massive thank you to all you wonderful ladies that have gone above and beyond all year long just for our little ones to have a little normality! Me and Alliah especially are going to miss our little tots family! Good luck to all the little butterflies spreading their wings sending lots of love for your new adventure! Thank you tots team for all the support you are all superheros and we love you! Lots of love from us to you all.

Layla has grown so much! I have a beautiful kind confident caring little girl and I can’t thank yous enough for all that yous do and how much yous have helped Layla grow and learn. Even through out lock down yous stayed in touch helping us learn at home getting ready for her future ahead.

She’s going to miss yous all so much and all of her lovely friends that are going to different schools. She wishes everyone could go with her. She’s had a fabulous 2 year with you and loved every minute of it!

Thank you Tots 'R' Us